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During the time of use, if any problems or customer’s fault occur, the customer can contact directly iCare Style Vietnam Customer Care for assistance.




Product Warranty: Fix defects and technical problems due to Manufacturer's fault.

Product warranty is free if the product is still in the effective warranty period calculated based on the date of delivery.

The warranty period is stated on the Warranty Card and in accordance with the manufacturer's regulations for all technical incidents.

Warranty card and Warranty stamp of the manufacturer on the product are necessary.

Warranty products will be subject to the manufacturer's warranty policy for technical incidents.

Shipping costs when applying warranty

For warranty claims derived from the free-shipping area (in the Ho Chi Minh City), iCare Style Vietnam will provide free shipping and handling service.
For warranty claims rising from outside of the free shipping area (outside of Ho Chi Minh City), please:
Contact the Manufacturer directly or send your product to iCare Style Vietnam. You have to pay the shipping costs.
Contact the iCare Style Vietnam Customer Care Center, or your product warranty company.

The situation which the warranty is not applicable, or a pay repair service

Products that can not be identified as purchased from iCare Style Vietnam or from iCare Style Vietnam's distributors, the Company reserves the right to refuse applying the warranty.

The product’s Warranty has expired or the Warranty Card is lost.

Torn warranty card & Warranty card , no warranty stamp, warranty stamp is covered or modified.

Warranty card does not have serial numbers and date of purchase on it.
Serial Number and Warranty Card do not match or unidentified for any reasons.
The product is damaged due to mechanical impact of falling, shattering, impact, scratches, dents, dampness, leaks, water discharge or fire, or natural disasters.
The product shows signs of damages caused by rodents or insects.
The product is damaged due to improper use, or wrong voltage.

The data, documents, documents provided free of charge, going with the product (even in the warranty period).

Disassembled, repaired by individuals or technicians who are not authorized by iCare Style Vietnam.


If you are not satisfied or have any question about the warranty, please contact:
Office in Ho Chi Minh City
Address: Room 19.05 Mapletree Building, 1060 Nguyen Van Linh, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.
Phone: +84 28 3620 9340
iCare Style Vietnam sincerely thank you for your trust in us.
Your satisfaction is the success of iCare Style Vietnam!