About iCare Style Vietnam

About iCare Style Vietnam

We are a 100% Taiwanese funded company, established in Ho Chi Minh city since 2017.  The welcoming characteristics of Vietnamese people, the vigorous spirits of Vietnamese local culture, and the beauty of Viet Nam natural landscape are the most cherished treasure here.


However, in the past years, we witness the change of the climate and environment in Vietnam. The sky is not as clean as we first saw before, and air pollution has become an issue that brings an effect on people’s health. The water we use every day is contaminated. Even the food we eat is sometimes not safe because too many chemicals or preservatives are being used. Do you worry if your kids get sick a lot? Does your family have allergic syndromes because of the food they eat? All of them are becoming problems and concerns around us to maintain a healthy lifestyle.





Outdoor air quality varies and depends on things like emissions from industry and traffic emissions. In the home, the air can be contaminated by two to five times the air outside the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The AP-1710 air purifier can help you breathe better.
HOT ITEM in 2019 ~ up to 87 sqm

HOT ITEM in 2019 ~ up to 87 sqm

iCare always brings good & healthy products.   

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